‘Council housing in Haringey under attack of mass sell off’ (!)

From, Jenny Butler

Published in YS, Saturday 8 July, 2017

‘DEFEND our Homes, Defend our Communities ! Resist the Haringey Development Vehicle (HDV) plans !’

‘Five hundred people marched from Turnpike Lane Station to the Civic Centre in Wood Green on July 3rd to protest at the labour council signing up to the HDV, with a private company called Lend Lease.

Haringey Council plans to destroy huge council estates such as Northumberland Parker, Turner Avenue, Love Lane, Tunnell Gardens, Park Grove, Leabank and Lemsford, and Reynardson Court.

Haringey residents supporters took collective action this week to say NO to the pulling down of £2billions worth of council homes and the entire communities that exist around them; including public services such as libraries and the Civic Centre, Broadwater Farm and Sky city, as well as small businesses, through the HDV.

The HDV plan is a £2bn gamble to shift £2bn worth of public assets into the hands of a private corporation in a public private partnership.

The HDV plan and the Haringey Council’s permission for demolition is set out to devastate entire communities.

This will force the slow but steady privatisation of housing and community services, service by service in Haringey.

This means housing and public services will. only subsequently offer substandard services; charging extortionate rent that the council does not fully reimburse and that council tenants are unable to afford.

Local residents and entire communities in Haringey are being ‘priced out of London’ one campaigner says so that a private corporation can maximise its profit.

Jenny Butler

Wood Green YS.’

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