Nature News 15 May -21 May

Nature News May 15 -May 21

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Male Reed Bunting


Female Reed Bunting

Poss Skylark actually female Reed Bunting.JPG


Horse Chestnut blossom

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Nature News May 15 -May 21

From Edith Holden, 1906

May. 16. ‘After a week of warm, growing weather, which has brought out the flowers and foliage wonderfully, we have returned to cold north winds and hail-storms. This morning we had a heavy thunder storm, although there was a cold north east wind blowing. The afternoon I went to gather Cuckoo-pints for my drawing-class. Going through the wood I picked up a Thrush’s egg, lying on the ground under the trees. Some of the Horse-Chestnut trees are a mass of white blossom.

May. 19. On my way back from Knowle this morning I made a halt at Widney: I saw the Reed Buntings again by the Blythe, I think they must have their nest there. There are quite a number of new flowers in bloom in the marsh by the river, since I passed a fortnight ago. Instead of the unbroken patches of golden King-cups, the marsh is now white with pretty flowers of the Large flowered Bittered Cress. I also gathered the Yellow Weasel Snout, lady’s Mantle, Field Scorpion Grass and the Garlic, the latter just breaking through it’s green sheathe. The hedge-rows are haunted by young fledgelings; chiefly Blackbirds and Thrushes. I saw one precocious young Robin trying to capture a worm, nearly three times as long as itself. Have seen two green Wasps this week.’

Common Garlic (Allium ursinum)



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