Re-nationalise the UK NOW !

From, The Empyrean.

‘…I spread my dreams under your feet, tread softly, you tread on my dreams…’ W.B Yeats

Brexit; so basically, although we think we have been a part of the EU since the past 40 years or so, this was never voted in parliament so we have been under the false presumption that we are part of the continent for 40 years.

Our system, national; services have been neglected and left to the responsibility and maintenance of the EU, but we were never a part of the EU, so our NHS has been sold off to property developers and all our national services have shifted into the hands of billionaires.

Richard Branson, a man with Special Educational Needs, has decided to come up with a 5 point plan, to run our country.

But a billionaire who has ruined and tried to our national services, and who killed a man in his rocket experiment, I do not think this will be a good idea.

We clearly need to re-nationalise and refurbish our national and vital services, as they used to be, a nostalgic time, that Jeremy corny once dreamed of and once knew, but he cannot quite put his finger on what it was that made this country so great.

Nationalisation !

Boris Johnson, a boy, who once attended the European School in Brussels, where my dad worked as a teacher, dreams of a country he once knew; railways and Mackie’s ice cream, national pride and national rail, national telecoms, national energy, national benzol and national health services, tea trolleys and biscuits; digestives, fruit shortcake or ginger nuts ? Custard creams or bourbon, shortcake and Jacob’s cream crackers.

Milk men and the clinking of glass bottles, in the early morning buzz, as England wakes up, sleepily, but it is waking up.

No country in the EU has a transport system like ours; trains every 1 minute wtf ? This is absolutely unheard of, in Belgium you have to wait hours for trains, a minimum of 26-30 minutes. Holland too.

National services always had a set of standards, now these standards have been lost through the shift of national property, into the hands of developers and billionaires, who have no interest in national welfare, only fame and flying to the moon.

Wake up and the smell the coffee !

What happened to these standards ? This used to be the best HR policy, that makes even countries such as the Netherlands, Bizet.

We have instilled in our democracy and (through nationalisation) in our economy, a sense of pride that makes our work, not only our responsibility, but, irrespective of whether you are sweeping the streets or working in financial services, respectfully our duty.

For our Nation and for our nationals, for visitors too, for our future, to live a good quality of life, if they so choose, to live, work, and stay, and contribute to our society,

We did once rule, 85% of the Globe !

But now, that too, has shifted into the hands of millionaires, who care little or nothing for a countries/continents national welfare.

On the world stage, we are not saying we are better than any other country, as you can see through our politicians, we are an embarrassment to each other, to others, and to ourselves, we are an international embarrassment and a national embarrassment. But perhaps this is exactly why, we all need to pull together.

A worldwide nationalisation scheme, will allow for a set of standards to ensure the proper maintenance of resources, production and consumption and vital services.

Then we can trade, each unto our own national resources that we have available.

Oranges for example, cannot be grown in the UK without immense difficulty or cost. For this reason we must trade with the EU.

We do however, have plenty of other things, that people from other countries relish, seek and franchise.

For this, you will have to trade mark your property so that you can share your product and seek a percentage of the rewards rather than being robbed. As long as your are being paid, I do not see what the problem is with trading.

We have been cut off from national security and data, the digital single market and this instills politicians with fear, over terrorists, but they are the terrorists, refusing to trade, nearly starting a war, and shutting down vital services and paying hit men to kill people; in attempts to refuse to do what is best: re-nationalise.

Purely because, they think they are more intelligent and have a better answer: BULLSHIT (?)

The billionaires have convinced us, private services, they will offer better care, they will give you everything you want, as long as you pay.

They start to charge for different services, and before you know it, you are paying for every single service and being offered services that you do not need, purely for money.

The billionaires encourage a bullying culture, and abuse the patients (a trick used to make patients leave the hospital and not come back), purely so they can sell the hospital to developers and change it into flats for 1000 pounds per month rent each.

The billionaires convince us, that it’s cool to be lazy, and not work for your money, so gradually, the services are reduced, to nothing and people loose faith in the services, they die out, so they can sell the hospital and change it into flats for 1000 pounds rent per month each.

Our population is growing, we need more and more flats.

But we also need socialised healthcare.

We also need affordable services and infrastructure. People are sitting in their homes in the dark, with no hot water, nor a fridge, because they cannot keep paying the rising costs of energy, which billionaires are free to change and charge, as they wish, to build rockets, as this eats away into your purse, each day an extra pound, means one less loaf of bread.

We need to be strong, not weak.

Otherwise, how can we work when we are starving ?

In the heat, the whole that has burned through my stomach, through the overbuild of stomach acid, and 6 months of not eating anything except 1 can of spaghetti, starts to smell like rotten eggs.

This country is churning my belly, my intestines and bowles hurt and make me cry and grind my teeth, and I have not been to the toilet since October 2017.

I have dreams, that my intestines are rotting in my own belly, like the ego of this country.


Slowing rotting,


rotting, and festering lusts of hate and fear, turning into; puss.

Brittania !

What the fuck are you doing to yourselves ! You know that tiger Tony is just a complete lie devised by psychologists to brain wash children.

Don’t tell me you are all children ?

Do you really believe, (a handful of that sugar encrusted shit is the equivalent to 2 McDonald’s chicken burgers!) is a good breakfast ?

Don’t tell me you are all retards who will believe and do anything people tell you to do, disregarding the implications and cost for YOURSELVES, YOUR LIVES.

Here, eat this candy ! It’s good for you ! Hmmmmm !

Idiots, you have messed this country up so bad, it is insulting especially to a monarchy who have given you absolutely everything through national services, once upon a time.

But you trampled on it, unaware you were trampling on the very gold and diamonds, that encrust the Queen’s crown.

But you ungrateful brats just threw it back in her face, you threw it back at them because you had no idea you had gold and diamonds underneath your feet; patronage.

Thatcher, the first female Prime mInister, seems to have confused herself for the Queen, and sold our national services, national property that did not belong to her; to the Queen.

YOU WILL, with permission of the royal family, The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, re-nationalise this country, urgently, today, now.

If you do not, (this is not an interest of mine, I come from the EU), but if you do not, this will be the end of monarchy and our civilization.

Not that any of you have any idea what civilisation is anymore, hence I HAVE TAKEN THIS as my civic duty to TRY to teach you, the right way.

Now for starters, I used to work for the same (if not less including expenses) amount of money, a person in McDonalds earns, to work with Sen children, 15 year old children who cannot read or write, to get them into university.

In the 1990’s a new economy was adopted that rendered company resources, expenses, at a discount price, and thus as as non-calculated ‘expenses’ (The roaring 1990’s).

This has rinsed out our economy, and everyone is still wondering, where has the money gone ? It was used to pay for expenses and was not calculated as a cost.

Flushing money down the toilet, bosses repeatedly sack, sack, and sack staff, assuming that staff are the resource that is costing them so dearly when in fact, it’s products that are not added to the bill.

We need to manage and regulate capital, for this reason.

We need to manage and regulated production and consumption, for this reason.

These billionaires can start by setting some kind of HR policy that meets the national minimum wage of London, which should be around 8.40 an hour, not 6 pounds an hour !

And these politicians better get the FUCK out of the HP and work with me now, or I will get them done for treason.

I need about 350 billion to build my own schools.

To teach you,

Basic maths.

Thank you.


The Empyrean.

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