Nature News: October 1 -October 7

Nature News: October 1 -October 7

Crab Apple (Pyrus malus), Photo From, Finsbury Park, 04/10/2018

Nature News: October 1 -October 7

October 1 -October 7, From Edith Holden, 1906

October 1. ‘Warm, bright day. There are not many wild flowers left in bloom here now; I gathered some Seabious, and Red Dead Nettle today, and saw some White Convolvulus on the top of a hedge. Blackberries are plentiful, and there is a rich harvest of berries of all kinds. I brought in some long necklaces of the bright scarlet berries of the Black Bryony, and some boughs laden with Chestnuts, to paint.

October 2. Rain and wind from South-west.

October 3. The Swifts have all disappeared and for some days I have not seen any Martins flying about. Long before I left Perthshire, every morning I used to watch the House Martins from my bed-room window, collecting in great flocks on the house-roofs, preparatory to their departure.

There are still some Swallows to be seen, but the greater number have gone south.

The Robins are beginning to sing again.

October 5. Today I was watching a number of Sparrows and Tom-tits fluttering round, and hanging on to, the heads of Sunflowers that are all gone to seed in the garden. The birds have evidently discovered, that the interstices between the sunflower seeds are a favourite resort of insects, -more especially beetles and ear-wigs. The weather still continues close and showery…’

House Martin, Photo From, Saga


Swallows, Photo From,


Robin, Photo From, garden


Sparrows, Photo From,


Tom-Tits, Photo From,



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