21 reasons WHY we should JOIN the EU

European Movement:

‘All-party pressure group promoting *European integration founded in 1949. In the spring of 1947, Winston Churchill convened in Britain an informal organisation of influential politicians and leading social circles known as the United Europe Movement (UEM). It’s aim was to promote Anglo-European contracts of the creation of a European community. At the same time, inspired by the French and other Western European federalists, a similar grouping was formed on the Continent: the Union Europeene des Federalistes (UEF). The UEF had just one of its platforms the creation of a European ‘third force’ and was inspired in this by strong French and Italian socialist factions. Both of these new Europeanist movements developed plans to widen support for unity and in December 1947 they agreed that a congress should be held to discuss what form Europe’s future should take and how it could be achieved. The result was The Hague Congress of 1948 which marked the first post-war show of unity by politicians throughout Britain and Europe and was the most influential event in the European Movement’s history. The congress was a heavyweight affair with 800 delegates including former premiers and other dignitaries under the leadership of Churchill. A political resolution was passed which called for a common market, a convention on human rights, an assembly, and a transfer of sovereign powers to a new body, the Council of Europe. In October 1948, the various groups promoting European integration were joined and adopted the name of the European Movement under the honorary presidencies of Leon Blum, Winston Churchill, Alcide de Gasperi and Paul-Henri Spaak. This body has since worked throughout its 29 member states to raise support for European unity’.

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