31 reasons WHY we should JOIN the EU: ***Dunkirk, treaty of; *Operation Dynamo:

***Dunkirk, treaty of (1947):

‘Treaty of alliance signed between Britain and France on 4 March. Later seen as a precursor of the anti-Soviet North Atlantic pact, in actual form the 50-year treaty was anti-German and thus similar to the 1942 Anglo-Soviet pact and the 1944 Franco-Soviet alliance. It committed the signatories to aid each other against German attack and consult against a German ‘policy of aggression’.

References: Sean, Greenwood, ‘The Alternative Alliance’, London, 1996.


(See also) Dunkirk, *Operation Dynamo

Dunkirk, *Operation Dynamo (4 June 1940):

‘Dunkirk, evacuation from, and Dunkirk spirit’. On 4 June 1940, ‘*Operation Dynamo’, the evacuation of British troops from the beaches around Dunkirk, reached its climax; 338, 000 Allied soldiers were taken off the beaches in the wake of the defeat of the Franco-British armies in France. The evacuation was made possible by an ‘armada of little boats’ that crossed and re-crossed the Channel under German air attack. In Britain, the sacrificial dedication with which the operation was carried out created a fierce sense of solidarity known as the ‘Dunkirk spirit’, much appealed to by post-war politicians’.

From, John Ramsden, Professor of Modern History at Queen Mary, University of London.

Image from, news.bbc.co.uk


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