Politics Weekly: Boris Johnson the CHAMPION (!) Project Dynamo and how Boris fooled the world, even the royals… What ‘Brexit’, Boris, Theresa and the Conservative Party have achieved (treason and a threat to the Royal Family)

February 16-Febuary 23rd 2019,

Politics Weekly: Boris Johnson the CHAMPION (!) Project Dynamo and how Boris fooled the world, even the royals… What ‘Brexit’, Boris, Theresa and the Conservative Party have achieved (treason and a threat to the Royal Family)

Project Dynamo and how Boris fooled the world, even the royals…

I guess this ‘epic blog’ of politics proves what ‘Brexit has proven to our nation and henceforth, (with additional fears of gang and extremist behaviour please see also, ‘BLACK GANGS: Are they a problem (?)’ available on:


Now even the monarchy are in fear they will have to be deported to Canada (!)

That it is time, to get rid of VISA’s, they are a HUGE problem, and introducing more restrictions on movement and travel of people and goods from the EU now, as well as for internationals, is proving to (have a ‘deadlock’) a debilitating and BLEAK situation for our country.

What do you expect (?) if an African has to pay about £28,000 pounds to live, (be entitled to) work for minimum wage (yes, more than £1-£2 pounds or less if you don’t have a VISA) and stay in this country, of course, from the very start, the foundations of employment rights, and the right to live and stay in this country are unequal, but as a result, CAUSE HUGE discrepancies in our economics, like holes in a ship.

Employment rights, and subsequently the economic make-up of this country, is thus inherently RACIST and therefore, our economics is falling apart.


You need to get rid of VISA’s.


The English monarchy has endured more than 1000 years, how remarkable.

Whilst William’s neurotic wife dresses up as a Jew, clad in a flat headpiece for her Prince Louis christening photos…

…it seems our monarchy are ‘crying’ out, imitating marginalised figures of persecution who have previously been largely subjugated, it appears they are trying to suggest, or mimick should I say, that they too, are suffering.

Meanwhile Prince Harry, marries a bi-racial woman he’s seen on TV, with mascara still stuck to her eye lids on her wedding photos.

Bit of a rush ?

Reminds me of something from George Gissing.

It’s like that time we managed to sell Tower Bridge for a great deal to an American, because he actually thought it was London Bridge.

Well, by voting Brexit, they did loose Scotland and Northern Ireland, overnight.

Sorry, but I think you may have lost your house Will and Kate.

And not voting Brexit is the reason for suffering the politicians say (?)

Brexit is the reason for (their) suffering, right now.

That seems to be the message, if you don’t support Brexit and the Conservatives, then Labour will turn anti-Jew etc, (is more indicative of the Conservative’s ‘EU is facist’ campaign fostered through the Conservative Party’s ‘Vote-Leave Campaign’) but it is the Conservative Party who have done this (Please see also, last week’s February 10-Febuary 16th 2019 ‘The Conservative Party’s Gravy Boat: The ‘Atlantic Charter Treasury Pot’ & the European nuclear pact with Trump’ available on:


for an explanation/theorisation of this).

By instilling ‘Dunkirk Spirit’ into our society, they have also managed to instil racism and anti-semitism, and fears and panic resurface from our Jewish community also at the same time, great, and Labour have to pay for this.

I am not saying that left or right politics is anti-Jew; if anything right politics is more anti-Jew, I therefore feel anti-semitism is not characteristic of Labour and either is being used as an attack to give the party less credibility or agency or things really are that bad.

I am not saying that politics is anti-Jew, I am just saying that ‘Brexit’ as a whole, altogether, has nurtured racism and anti-semitism, through a few inter-war tactics (‘Dunkirk Spirit’ or ‘Spirit of Dunkirk’ and ‘Project Dynamo’ used to kill as many Germans as possible, Please see also, last week’s February 10-Febuary 16th 2019, ‘The Conservative Party’s Gravy Boat: The ‘Atlantic Charter Treasury Pot’ & the European nuclear pact with Trump’ available on:


for an explanation/theorisation of this),

which have set even the HP on fire, and are so bad, have reached the point that; and the ‘Jews’ can be used as a measure/yardstick of this, when society becomes so prejudice and racist that they have become racist against a faction of fellow whites as well as blacks and asians (Jews), or in this particular ‘Brexit’ instance, europeans too, then racism has reached its most advanced stage and we are at our most facist point in politics… or political society.

If anything, what I am saying is politics is both anti-semitic, incredibly racist and prejudice, in this country, right now.

Well, it seems they too, are in the same boat as us then.

If you don’t vote Brexit we will kill you !

Ha ha ha.

Meanwhile the Royal Family do what any monarch would do and instead of getting a lawyer, and taking ‘Brexit’, Boris, Theresa and the Conservative Party to court for treason, they ‘abandon ship’ and are looking for the next available flights to Canada most nights of the week.


Last Weeks,

February 10-Febuary 16th 2019

Politics Weekly: The Conservative Party’s Gravy Boat: The ‘Atlantic Charter Treasury Pot’ & the European nuclear pact with Trump.

The Conservative Party’s Gravy Boat:

The ‘Atlantic Charter Treasury Pot’ & the European nuclear pact with Trump.

“The only reason you’re in this country is for the NHS”, this dual national Brit-American said to me.

“I guess ?” I replied.

“Is the NHS that good (?)” I have been asking myself this, ever since.

“Why don’t you go home for treatment then ?” A Jamaican nurse asks me (Queen’s Hospital, Romford, 2016).

So it seems, there is feared to be a risk that the city of London, or even the nation, will riot if we were to go back and make a deal with the EU.

But at the same time, there will be riot if there is no deal, because our entire system is in a state of what we can call ‘political anarchy’; we have a hung parliament since the June 8th elections, which were a rejection of Theresa May, a rejection of her government, parliament and a rejection of her policies and her Brexit too.

In effect, we have a hung parliament with just a few votes short to come to some form of agreement with the EU, but if we are in a state of political anarchy, how on earth can the eu even consider having anything to do with us ? Why would they want anything to do with a country that cannot even sort out its own politics, not to mention it’s very own party politics lol.

Underpants on front pages: this is Parliament, sexual encounters and sexual assaults, what a mess, I guess like most things, these things tend to just come down to some dirty laundry…

Boris !

“Boris looks around in shock”

“You said that if we voted Brexit then you would fund an NHS that has been in a crisis for years, people completely instilled with fear that it would be privatised and that they would have to start paying for healthcare and medicines that they cannot afford and be denied treatments to keep them alive.”

It’s all a pantomime, really, the Conservative party had no written constitution until the 1990’s and as far as I am aware, most leadership contests are pretty much some form of dress rehearsal. Same goes for the votes; all very ‘smoke and mirrors’ but somehow, all encompassing and empowering and powerful.

I wish it was Russian roulette.

With close links to the church, as far as I am aware all bishops were a part of the Conservative party until the 1920’s.

now how about that kids.

‘Political language, is designed to make lies sound truthful, murder respectable and give an appearance os solidity to pure wind’ -George Orwell, Why I Write.

Now some motherfucker has used our ties with the Atlantic Charter to suggest that ‘Dunkirk spirit’ is back in the air, or ‘the Spirit of Dunkirk’ is back (a racial hatred of all fellow white europeans following Hitler, Mussolini, etc.) as a means to pursue a socialist utopia or ideology (a healthcare system that is free for all alternatively known as the NHS) to the extent of reaching war purposes (re-arming nuclear weapons in the EU now most recently).

Even though, the whole point the (current, present day, not the World War II) EU was set up, the European Union, European councils etc. etc. was to stop this, from ever happening again (leaders turning into racists).

The European Economic Steel Community was also set up after the Second World War to ease the terrible inflation and economic crisis several countries found themselves in following the war.

Anyhow, he has used this ‘Dunkirk Spirit’ (a racial hatred of all fellow white europeans following Hitler, Mussolini, etc.), used to instill British soldiers with barbarism shortly before Project Dynamo where they had to kill as many Germans as possible and a mother fucking stupid society, who, unfortunately, like America, prove too little, to foster his ‘Vote Leave campaign, ushering ‘Dunkirk spirit’ through the press, the media, advertising, on the streets, on the buses, to instill fear and distress amongst even middle class citizen’s.

‘If you don’t vote Brexit they will privatise the NHS’ people were saying.

‘Don’t complain about the NHS or they will privatise it’ people were saying.

We were on our knees.

Chronically sick, dependent on multiple medicines to stay alive, to breathe, to eat, I still didn’t vote.

But that is between you and me.

The whole ‘Vote Leave’ Campaign was a lie, and the funding seems to match, that EXACT AMOUNT of nuclear weapons.

I don’t see how re-igniting the Cold War will have any benefits for anyone, even the hippies and Bohemians.

Anyhow, the point of the matter is where we are at NOW.

We have a hung parliament, still, since June 8th 2017. That’s nearly 2 years. And our government still can’t shake hands. If not a lot more in their case.

Who is better, Left or Right ? Well, it’s like man and woman, we need each other, unfortunately or fortunately.

We have a rich institutionalised society, informed by the structures that are in place

Meanwhile Mr President, quite simply, uses Brexit as an excuse to get control over the EU now.

Worrying, considering his last statement was about solving youth/gang crime, which (if he were relevant that is) was most recently about child sexual exploitation.

Maybe he is getter closer.

I don’t know how he is going to ‘swerve’ that one.

But to us, he is, fucking, far away.

Sirob meanwhile, pockets the money and becomes fatter and more sick looking.

Like the rest of the party.

The solution, Good comes from Evil.

They have just used racism, to get rid of, our most closest and fellow white (even !) partners and neighbours, to take control.

How stupid can we British really be ?

Racist against a white man now…

Yes, things are that bad.

And our leaders are fighting ‘the facists’, but on the very seats of the houses of parliament lol…

Whilst Boris goes about setting the Brits on fighting a facist EU regime, it appears, he forgot to back stab himself.

Meanwhile, they’ve realised that the EU took Northern Ireland a long long time ago, when Northern Ireland decided to join the EU, and, about 20 years too late, are deciding to ‘take back control’ by creating a minefield of a situation with Irish border control and customs, by suggesting that, we now have a ‘bleep bleep’ existential crisis.

Resulting in: TREASON.

They have basically pushed the button, themselves.

Come on guys, the whole reason the EU was set up was to stop facist dictators like Hitler and Mussolini and the extermination and holocaust of the Jews from ever, ever happening again.

This is why the EU, the EU Parliament, councils, commission, International Courts of Justice, Health, Agriculture etc. etc. was set up, and they are, a pretty alright bunch.

At least, they haven’t threatened and plan to plot nuclear weapons in your country for no reason other than that one of your Politician’s started a completely fraudulent ‘Vote Leave’ Campaign.

That everyone believed.


Now Theresa May and everyone else are more than happy to sit on this ‘Atlantic Charter Treasury Pot’ for as long as possible, they don’t care about a Brexit ‘solution’ or a deal with the EU as such.

As long as they have their fingers in the european nuclear pact with Trump, they’re drinking gravy.

As for the UK, well, those are the woes of our leaders, on our streets, in our schools, in our universities, they have ignited Dunkirk barbarism and as far as they are concerned, it will trickle down into the workings of our people, they will revolt, the blame is shifted, and their job as far as they are concerned, is done (?)

I don’t think that is very 21st Century democratic, if anything, it is treason and this cannot pass without a formal trial.

We now, must focus on home, national politics. But we cannot exclude ourselves from the rest of the world, that itself, is a trait of ‘facism’ (please see, George Orwell, Why I Write).

We must have a very close working with the EU, we must cooperate with the EU, but we are an island, and we are a small island.

Like an ant, if you shake my tree, it is going to have a very big impact compared to if you were a bigger mass or a body: like the EU.

Still, nonetheless we managed to use our ties with America and the ‘Atlantic Charter Treasury Pot’ to totally fuck up the EU and get Trump to re-arm and plant nuclear weapons in the EU, great (!)

Maybe ‘Brexit’ is also an opportune time to come up with a treaty with the EU ?

It is going to take us ‘ten years’ to recover from this Jeremy Corbyn says.

Brexit, like ‘Break-It’, has totally shattered and shaken our British nations, social democracy, juridicial system, community cohesion, violence on the streets, the very cores that constitute the very fibres of our British people’s skin and bones.

You will pay for this.

Good will come from evil.

We now have the opportunity, as the Labour Party, to use Brexit, to either, take the Conservative Party to trial, and sort this fraudulent ‘Vote Leave’ Campaign out, we can use Labour as an instrument to re-nationalise the country and probably win a general election.

Theresa May has already tried to jump on this ‘Band Wagon’, ‘Oh !’ The Conservative Party have unions too ! – Since when did you decide that people were a priority Theresa May (?) -37% of an electorate majority still cannot mandate major constitutional change, no matter what you do…

Or, Labour and Conservative can shake hands, and use this opportunity as a turning point; where through a mutually agreed childish error or mistake: gluttony and capitalism don’t work well together, we REALISE and re-nationalise, and form some kind of co-allittion or ONE government, with an eu commission (?) -we need help guys.*We are recovering from a facist dictatorship*.


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