Jenny’s VISA & ‘Brexit’ (Racist Tax) Work with David Lammy and John McDonnell: Great Success (!)

Oi boys, where’s my share for the publicity you obtained from my contribution (?)

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I guess this ‘epic blog’ of politics proves what ‘Brexit has proven to our nation and henceforth, (with additional fears of gang and extremist behaviour,) for more information on VISA, ‘Brexit’ and what this means for Britain, please see also:

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Now even the monarchy are in fear they will have to be deported (!) ).

That it is time, to get rid of VISA’s, they are a HUGE problem, and introducing more restrictions on movement and travel of people and goods from the EU now, as well as for internationals, is proving to (have a ‘deadlock’) a debilitating and BLEAK situation for our country.



You need to get rid of VISA’s.

What do you expect (?) if an African has to pay about £28,000 pounds to live, (be entitled to) work for minimum wage (yes, more than £1-£2 pounds or less if you don’t have a VISA) and stay in this country, of course, from the very start, the foundations of employment rights, and the right to live and stay in this country are unequal, but as a result, CAUSE HUGE discrepancies in our economics, like holes in a ship.

Employment rights, and subsequently the economic make-up of this country, is thus inherently RACIST and therefore, our economics is falling apart.



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