Jenny’s Homemade Dried Herbs: x-Rosemary-x

Photo on 28-02-2019 at 14.56.jpgPhoto on 28-02-2019 at 14.55.jpg

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Photo on 28-02-2019 at 14.56.jpg

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Total Cost of Project: (£0)

1). Once you have dried your herbs (a radiator rack is the perfect and ideal substitute for herb drying racks)…

2). Remove the herbs from their twigs.

 -(I tend to put the herb branches into a plastic bag and crumble the herbs from their twigs into the plastic bag to avoid mess and make life a bit easier -once all the herbs have been removed from their twigs you can remove the twigs, collect the dried herbs and twist the plastic bag into a ball, cut the top off it, and easily just pour it into the jar or onto a folded sheet of paper, or use a funnel).

3). Now all’s you need is a clean, sterilised, empty jar and a funnel to store your herbs…

4). Use a lollipop stick if you have any trouble pushing the herbs through the funnel.


Very easy to do & cheap and cheerful too…

Total Cost of Project: (£0)

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