The Brexit Trials: Crisis of Authority: Reporting the News: Part Two

The reason certain men all sympathise with Brexit, is because, the same men are still in power, but just like a socialist state, they control investment, raw materials, rates of interest, working hours and wages.

The function of the mass of the peoples etc. ‘is simply to produce such goods as it may need, and get in return just as little as will keep them from open rebellion’.

‘Internally, we have a great deal in common with a socialist state’.

Fascism however, is a form of capitalism, that seems to creep up on a nation, as it ‘borrows from socialism just such features as will make it efficient for war purposes’.

Brain washing the nation to believe that we are working and voting towards a richer socialised healthcare system NHS for example.

‘In seven years it [Nazi Germany used it to build] up the most powerful war machine the world has ever seen.’

The mere efficiency of such a system, ‘the elimination of waste and obstruction, is obvious.’

Yet, while England in the moment of World War Two ‘proved to be short of every war material except ships, it is not recorded that there was any shortage of motor cars, fur coats, gramophones, lipstick, chocolates or silk stockings.

And dare anyone pretend that the same tug-of-war between private profit and public necessity is not still continuing ?’

Capitalism (that is unmanaged and unregulated) does not work, (it has proven not to work,) even at times of war,

(when it is supposed to be at its most advanced stage).

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