Politiks Weekly: The English Revolution, Reporting, Base Camp, London, Tottenham, Sunday 12 May-Sunday 19 May, 2019.


Things in London, are peak right now.

The Worker’s Revolutionary Party, a pro ‘Brexit’, Trotsky, socialist organisation, have started a series of lectures, all about ‘The Russian Revolution’.

Katia, a boring and ugly German woman, with a PHD in Russian politics, has even, come to the UK.

Sorry guys, but you have got the WRONG City, and the WRONG COUNTRY for that matter !



“Things will get a lot worse, before they get better” Anna Atthow, Deputy Chair for the BMA London regions and her team, have predicted (May, 2017).

Yer, maybe for you.

We may have a revolution on our hands, but I don’t think we are going to start ‘eating each other’ and turning to ‘cannibalism’, as Anna Atthow the Deputy chair for the BMA London regions and her team, have predicted.

Personally, I am not, THAT, decadent.

I can do without meat.

On the other side,

Where the not so decadent live, quite ordinary lives, things are quite optimistic.

The ‘English Revolution’, or what can be termed as ‘Brexit’, to keep things, sheltered, has stitched up, the WHOLE government.

And, through Theresa May’s massive ego, now, the entire Houses of Parliament.

It is, as we have been told, the ‘end of the world’, the ‘apocalypse’ and ‘iron birds will start dropping from the sky’ (A sarcastic alcoholic from the St Michael’s Church, Wood Green).

In effect, the entire ‘system’ as we know it, based on ‘colonialism’ and colonial exploitation, has miraculously been reduced to, nothing.


Cambridge University have had to call in special researchers, to investigate, if any of their work and archives, come from Africa.

This is what I prayed for.

And end to it all.

An end to prejudice and discrimination.

An end to racism.

Funnily enough, as you can see, it is, incredibly, funny, our politicians and leaders, are so backwards, they are looking in a ancient archive/museum, for the solution to ‘Brexit’.

The solution is quite simple, this is an end to colonialism.

Whilst Boris and Theresa, are busy looking for elephant tusks,

Every single day, from the moment you wake up, even your alarm clock, the material it is made of, comes from Africa.

our shampoo, our ointment, our toothpaste, our hair spray, the material, comes from Africa.

Our clothes,

This is a modern society, that lives in a modern world.

We need these things, and these things that we need, require RAW MATERIALS.

I need to start my car…

Unfortunately, or fortunately, since the last (second) ‘Age of Imperialism’ in the nineteenth century, kind of like ‘Brexit’ and the Good Friday Peace Agreement, the owners of this rich land, switched from the hands of the Monarchy, into the ‘Hands of Millionaires’ (please see also, ‘Article’ available on: ).

What this means is, the government truly believe that, the Queen is responsible for all the diesel, fruit, and power in this country.


When in fact, it belongs, to millionaires and businessmen.

Theresa may, has tried to crack up deals, with various businessmen, but no businessman wants to invest his profits in a county, that has a corrupt dictator, in power.

And we don’t want, nuclear power.

Theresa may, has gone all the way to Africa ! Nigeria even, to crack up a diplomatic deal with Nigeria, but she’s in the wrong state.

Nigeria already get funds and special benefits from us, you need to be talking to the farmers darling, in South Africa.

And Northern Ireland, (A Northern Irish fella, The Salisbury Pub, 12/05/2019).

The farmers are the ones who own the land, where you drill for these, and exploit countries, for these materials.

Not just vegetables, darling.

The world has ‘come to an end’, in that, the Jordan River, the most holy river, to Christians, has ‘spit into two’, because of mass exploitative farming, that utilises water from natural resources, such as this river, without paying, or replacing the water, for their water melons, figs, tomatoes, cotton, materials etc.

The Jordan River is ‘Draining Away’.

It’s heart breaking, at it’s best.

The world has ‘come to an end’ in that, this is happening all over the world, drilling for materials, digging mines, that are never replenished, leaving HOLES in the Earth.

They cause houses, to shatter and crack.

They cause, volcanoes and tsunamis,

That wipe out, entire populations.

The world has ‘come to an end’ in that, a very small proportion of the world, even they say, a select 8 millionaires and businessmen, own this profit.

Not the Queen of England, sorry Queenie.

The ‘world has come to an end’, in that, Theresa May’s snap election, is against the Good Friday Peace Agreement, and we need a Labour Party, to be in Power, because of the laws of Maths.

To be continued, in ‘Politics Weekly: The English Revolution, Reporting, Base Camp, London, Tottenham, Sunday 12 May-Sunday 19 May, 2019’ available on:


Image From, ‘Youtube.com’.


Please see also,

‘Politics Weekly: The English Revolution: Boris the TRAITOR (!) OH NEIN: Boris Johnson, is what my dad calls, “a VERY NAUGHTY BOY”, Sunday 12 May -Sunday 19 May’, available on:


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