Politics Weekly: The English Revolution: The Brexit Trials: Crisis of Authority: Faces of the English Revolution: Jeremy Corbyn: PART I


Monday 3 June – Monday 10 June, 2019

Reporting, Base Camp, Tottenham, London.

The story of Britain’s Labour Party Leader, moderniser and hero, Jeremy Corby, starts in the really quite ancient, 43 AD City of London.

It is here, in London, that MP for Islington North since 1983, as he was formally known before he also became Labour Party leader in 2015, Jeremy Corbyn cut his political teeth.

For a man who, says and does, very little, Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn is certainly a character who is peppered with myth and mystique.

He had a booming affair with Diane Abbott the now black MP for Hackney North and Stoke Newington since 1987, back in his day.

With close ties to the former socialist worker’s parties, various unions and universities, for many, many years, he could not trust anyone else, and made himself, leader of the Labour Party.

He is really, a very special, god gifted, person.

Jeremy Corbyn also serves as a strong symbol of the difference, between the old (Brexit) often marginalised and subjugated workers, as well as often BAME in the very ethnically, racially, religiously and vibrantly mixed and often poorer, London society that he grew up in and the new, modern, British nation that he wants to build.

With several historical world heritage sites and many buildings and churches, not to mention St Paul’s, which still, today, pierces the sky-line, being built, before Shakespeare was even born, London cannot construct new buildings or demolish certain areas both within and outside of the old city walls but new technology creeps in from all directions.

The Labour Leader, I think, has built in, a kind of appreciation for what is happening in the rest of the continent, also, through ‘Brexit’, his opposition to Trump and his support for the new generation.


Photo, ‘Aerial 360 Panorama’, From, eye revolution.co.uk.

Please see also, (next week’s), ‘The English Revolution: The ‘Brexit’ Trials: Crisis of Authority: Faces of the English Revolution: Jeremy Corbyn: Part 2’, Monday 10 June – Monday 17 June, 2019, available on:



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