Politics Weekly: A Weekly Review

Whilst our politicians, play g-d with people, pretend to know what is going on and have called this political dilemma ‘Brexit’, a word which echoes, with ‘bricks’, ‘break it’, and ‘exit’ and which has informed, a complete existential crisis, a hung parliament, a state of political anarchy, a murder rate higher than that of New York on the streets, underneath the surface, things are pretty sweet.

Because our politicians would rather bicker and spend their days playing tennis with each other, one bat that way, the ‘other’ bat the other way, but in effect, both batting just the same, it has come to the people to decide to keep our streets safe and keep our country comfortable, despite the binary oppositional political thinking that our government have (tried to) instil into our population, which has nurtured highly vexatious binary oppositional thinking, racism, prejudice, discrimination, arguments and even, trickled down to heightened, conflict, ‘anti-social behaviour’ and murder on our streets and within both private and public sector services.

They can’t sell our NHS, because both parties, are unable to make any major political or constitutional changes.

They can’t do anything really, until they form a co-allittion.


Meanwhile, the Labour in this country, have managed to organise themselves, quite quickly, quit miraculously, from the start.



Jeremy Corbyn is a good leader, people believe in his history, they believe in what he is doing, what he represents and accept his leadership with great pleasure.

Until this time, his name is still not that ‘popular’.

Everywhere I go, I seek and ask, those who have lived during his earlier political career and knew him, still like him.

His accessibility also demonstrates that he has an open mind, something which helped him to learn with the people and change with the times.

Whilst Jeremy Corbyn has spent a lot of time cultivating popularity within Britain, he has also flirted with international favour.

He is a very good diplomat and a lot of countries and people of different nationalities have a good relationship with him.

African countries, Europe and Palestine.

Occasionally, there has been criticism.

While his detractors, would say that he was interested in international affairs to betray certain factions of society, I am sure that it was for diplomatic purposes.

Please see also, campaigns, available on:

He would meet with different people, different committees and supported their roles in ‘Ant-Facist Action’, the ‘Anti-Apartheid Movement’ and the ‘Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament’ as well as advocating for a united Ireland.

He also, would not just go and come back.

Labour would come back with programmes of aid and projects of one sort or another, which he himself, Sadiq Khan serving as Mayor since 2016 and members of the public have supported through crowd-funding.

Jeremy Corbyn, learnt about new ideas and technology, bringing home, worldly knowledge and friendships.





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