Politics Weekly: ‘Brexit’: Marty Lipton: The ‘Poison Pill’ & ‘Takeover Bids in the Target’s Boardroom’…

Tuesday 24th September, 2019

Reporting, Base Camp, Tottenham, London

“Why are men ‘great’, until they have got to be great ?”

Boris Johnson and the Conservative Party, have offered the British people, as pointed out by Max Hastings from the Financial Times, ‘a budget of falsehoods and unfulfillable promises’.

‘Our society has lapsed into a period of madness which we should recognise as such – as do most foreign commentators viewing our affairs – wherein dangerous forces are in play.’

When these budgets of falsehoods and unfulfillable promises, are seen to be broken, Hastings adds, this is ‘likely to precipitate, a new surge of public rage’.

“This is a failure of the political elite,” former regius professor of modern history at Oxford says, the morning after the referendum result.

“Quislings !”

“Rats !”

Sorry boys, but I think the damage is already done.

And reminds us, that the Conservative party is nonetheless landmarked with bloody feuds.

Sir Ian Gilmour, a pro-European Tory grandee, said in 1997 “Like some crazed American religious cult, the Conservative parliamentary party seems intent on mass suicide.”

Lord Chancellor David Kilmuir, himself an enthusiast for British membership of the European Economic Community, warned prime minister Harold Macmillan:

“The surrenders of sovereignty involved are serious ones and I think that as a matter of practical politics it will not be easy to persuade parliament or the public to accept them.”

Gilmour added of John Major, then the prime minister: “Unlike such cults, however, its leader was not intent on persuading his followers to commit suicide he was merely unable to talk them out of it”.

“The Conservative party have never put the clock back a single second,” Arch-conservative Evelyn Waugh states, acidly, apparently.

Now, ‘the party is being rushed to the cliff-edge by its own leader,’ Max Hastings reports.

What is even funnier, is how Boris and the Conservative party, are scapegoating the EU for every national problem, when we do not even have a deal with the EU.

‘We should not delude ourselves, that what is taking place represents any sort of normality, or acceptable political process.’

“Remember that the United States is only interested in Britain in so far as Britain is a player in Europe” Raymond Seitz, a former US ambassador in London says.

“I believe in capitalism, I believe in our financial system,” American revolutionary Marty Lipton reports.

It is from these elevated perches, that Marty Lipton, has been waging a decades-long battle with America’s establishment.

‘If we don’t act now, I don’t think capitalism will be around in the next 50 years’, he adds.

Marty Lipton’s resume, ‘reeks of Wall Street power’.

Marty Lipton, invented a legal mechanism, known as the ‘poison pill’.

The ‘poison pill’ is a defence tactic, it is used by company boards, to reduce the risk of hostile take-over, by allowing existing shareholders the right to buy additional shares at a discount price, for example.

Kind of like, a drug dealer, giving you a free first line.

The ‘oldest trick in the book.’

In 1979 Marty Lipton published an article, ‘Takeover Bids in the Boardroom’, which ‘floated a then-revolutionary idea: that corporate leaders and investors should stop focusing on short-term shareholder returns, instead chase long-term value for “stakeholders” such as employees, clients and communities.’

“Nobody wanted to listen”, Lipton chuckles over the Rockefeller silverware.

‘For decades, shareholder interests have dominated the boardroom. Now bosses are busily promoting the idea of purpose beyond profit’, reports Gillian Tett from The Financial Times.

‘Last month, 181 American executives issued a collective “statement on the purpose of a corporation” that abandoned their long adherence to shareholder primacy. Instead, the group – which was organised by the Business Roundtable under the leadership of Jamie Dimon, head of JPMorgan – pledged “a fundamental commitment to all our stakeholders”.

That move delighted social and environmental activists.

Interesting, how the capitalists are trying to save capitalism with socialism, whilst the socialists are trying to save socialism with capitalism.

IF Marty were to give them a single penny.


Photo, Marty Lipton, Age 88, From brunswickgroup.com

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