Nature News: September 21 – September 28

❤ Nature News: September 21 – September 28 ❤

Horse Chestnut (Aesculus hippocastanum)

The European Horse Chestnut, or Conker Tree, is NOW an endangered species in the UK, a victim of disease and moth.

Photo on 27-09-2019 at 14.17.jpg

Photo on 27-09-2019 at 14.16 #3.jpg

Photo on 27-09-2019 at 14.16 #2.jpg

Photo on 27-09-2019 at 14.16.jpg

Photo on 26-09-2019 at 21.35 #4.jpg

Photo on 26-09-2019 at 21.35 #3.jpg

Photo on 26-09-2019 at 21.35.jpg

Photo on 26-09-2019 at 21.34 #2.jpg


❤ Jenny’s CORNED BEEF HASH with Egg (!) ❤

Similar to the traditional Scottish ‘stovie’, this British dish consists, of quite simply, fried chopped potato, onion, and some corned beef, usually using left overs.

The name ‘Hash’, actually derives from the French word, ‘hacher’ which means, ‘to chop’ and originated as a way to use left overs.

It is traditionally cooked in a cast iron skillet.

Served with beans and a fried egg :o)

Photo on 27-09-2019 at 18.52.jpg

Photo on 27-09-2019 at 18.53.jpg

Photo on 27-09-2019 at 18.53 #2.jpg

Photo on 27-09-2019 at 19.02.jpg

Photo on 27-09-2019 at 19.03.jpg

Total Cost: 50p


❤ Jenny’s * Baked Potato, Cheese, Vegetarian Sausage & Beans (!) ❤

Baked or roast potatoes, with the spice * Cumin, are really yummy, and it has an additional boost of * Iron.

Photo on 24-09-2019 at 17.51.jpg


❤ Jenny’s * Dippy Egg, Vegetarian Sausage & Chips (!) ❤

Perfect, for these cold autumn evenings…

With a boost of Vitamin D (!) :o)

Photo on 23-09-2019 at 18.37.jpg

Photo on 23-09-2019 at 18.36.jpg

Photo on 23-09-2019 at 18.37 #2.jpg


❤ Jenny’s Belgian Chocolate Fudge Cake (!) ❤

Never seen such a cake in Belgium, but the idea and taste of it, Belgian, rich, dark, and gloopy, chocolate, was magnificent (!)

Photo on 25-09-2019 at 23.46.jpg

Photo on 25-09-2019 at 23.47.jpg

Photo on 25-09-2019 at 23.49 #2.jpg


❤ Cakes for Macmillan Cancer Support ! ❤

They are, too pretty, to eat (!)

These cakes, are so beautiful, I don’t want to eat them (!)

Very beautiful, ‘sugar art’, made by a very sweet young lady, who actually has no experience in sugar art whatsoever.

She decided to make her own cakes and icing, bought a few colourings and decorations, and did her own thing, to raise money, as part of a bake sale, for Macmillan Cancer Support at North Middlesex University Hospital today.

Unfortunately, she is too shy for a photo, but check out her cakes for cancer (!)

Every 10 minutes, someone is diagnosed with breast cancer in the UK.

That means… I need to eat, 1 cake, every 10 minutes… (?)

Get the nation baking (!)

Total Cost: £1.50 each

Photo on 27-09-2019 at 11.33 #2.jpg

Photo on 27-09-2019 at 11.33.jpg


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