Nature News: October 1 – October 7

❤ Nature News: October 1 – October 7 ❤

Chinese Lanterns, Strawberry Ground Cherry (Physalis Alkekengi var. Franchetti Gigantea).

Perennial Flower (grows year after year).

Originally from Southern Europe, Southern & North East Asia.

St Ann’s, London

‘Below is a list of the fruits and berries which I have gathered in this neighbourhood this autumn. There are other varieties to be found I know in other parts of Warwichshire, but not a large number.

Wild Pear,

Crab Apple,







Spanish or Sweet Chestnut,

Wild Service Tree,

Hazel Nut,


Dogwood or Cornel,


Bitter-Sweet or Woody Nightshade,

Black Bryony,


Of these the berries of the Bittersweet and Bryony alone are poisonous, although the berries of the Dogwood revery astringent and unpleasant in flavour. It is curious that although the foliage of the Yew contains so much poison, the berries are harmless and eagerly eaten by the birds, the only injurious part being the hard seed in the centre, which the birds reject.

I omitted to mention in the above list, he Guelder Rose and the Mountain Ash or Rowan, to these should be added the Holly, -the berries of which are now scarlet and the Privet. -twenty one in all.’

From, Edith Holden, 1906



Photo From,


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