Rt Hon David Lammy Labour MP: To be or not to be (?) Britain’s Prime Minister

The D Major: ‘Stand to Attention (!)’

Reporting, Base Camp, Tottenham, London

Sunday 10th November, 2019

The Man Behind Brexit

Mocking the colonial master, Rt Hon David Lammy MP, is not uncommon and often, not even acknowledged or challenged, as racism.

This man has to put up with, heinous comments and backlash to his work, what he represents and what he stands for; on encouraging higher education amongst black youths for example, 1 journalist responded, “you have to apply first”.

Battling racism, on a daily basis, with the British press, news and media, not to mention, in the HP, the House of Commons, and amongst his very own colleagues and clients.

David Lammy is a Veteran.

He is one man, who has had a long experience in a particular field.

This is reflected, “in his calling out the Windrush Generation and its descendants, with a great amount of pride”, Sadiq Khan comments.

David Lammy “used to be a lawyer”, but luckily, not anymore, Sadiq Khan jokes.

He actually cares.

David Lammy is in fact, a bit of a protester himself, naturally, being a politician.

Whilst Tottenham has a slightly notorious international reputation for riots and ‘civil unrest’, the means David Lammy, has an extra busy job.

The Rt Hon David Lammy Labour MP himself, was born a Windrush descendent, of a single parent family, and brought up here in Tottenham.

Coming from an international background himself, David Lammy is aware of, the diverse needs and barriers, faced by individuals and families, of different backgrounds.

And he recognises, the additional support that is required.

Some of his work and priorities have included, getting compensation for internationals who have been detained and seperated from their families, regarding VISA issues, work permits and asylum.

Helping the mentally ill and exclusively, addressing mental health as an issue being used as a form of punishment against BAME.

David Lammy’s “Number 1 political issue” is ‘youth, violence, youth resources, youth investment and public health’.

Rt Hon David Lammy Labour MP has started several schools and colleges not to mention initiatives in the Borough of Tottenham, just one of these includes the ADA National College for Digital Skills, a national college exclusively designed to encourage apprenticeships and digital skills for the new young generation.

“A Labour position is a sound position”, David Lammy adds.

A ‘soft’ Brexit that is not informed by an austerity backing Boris Johnson government.

“A responsible government” he adds.

Rt Hon David Lammy Labour MP actually secured 81 % of the Labour Vote in the last general election. wtf

Where was the remaining 19 percent(?)” Sadiq Khan jokes at David Lammy.

These men, are serious.

Rt Hon David Lammy Labour MP and the Mayor of London Sadiq Khan, have been friends, for more than 20 years.

David Lammy and Sadiq Khan reject the austerity backing Boris Johnson government.

Sadiq Khan, also rejects Jeremy Corbyn’s approach to Brexit and with thanks to the Rt Hon David Lammy in 6 months time, we will actually have a people’s vote.

The Rt Hon David Lammy Labour MP actually campaigned for Britain to have another EU referendum, to allow the people, to decide the constitutional future of the UK.

Instead of it being left in the hands of, blathering politicians and poorly dealt, with the NHS being used as some kind of ‘gambling chip’.

I think, this guy, should have been made president by now (?)

I don’t quite understand, how David Lammy, gets the time, to have a life outside work (?)

Yet Rt Hon David Lammy Labour MP also, has a very beautiful wife, she is an artist, and 4 children, living here amongst us, within the borough of Haringey.

David Lammy has even been spotted in the local Morrisons (!)

A navy blue woollen jumper, grey sued shoes and a Barbour jacket with a book in pocket, this man has no time for the blather of an austerity backing Jacob Rees Mogg and Boris Johnson populist nationalist government.

This really gives the Rt Hon David Lammy Labour MP I believe, the latitude and permission to do the things that we want in this country.

The D Major: ‘Stand to Attention (!)’

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Photo From, The Telegraph


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