Nature News: November 14 – November 21, 2019

❤ Jenny’s Roast Butternut Squash, Spuds, Carrots & Parsnips with *Cumin & Hummus (!) ❤

& Broccoli…

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Woman’s Politics Weekly: How to RUN THIS FUCKING TOWN, despite being a WOMAN and having a disability

I RUN the f*cking Party

“I aint freakin, I aint faking this, SHUT UP and let me Drive (!)”

Standing up for yourself…

Reporting, Base Camp, Tottenham, London

Saturday 16th November, 2019

WOW, WHAT DOES it take to show some manners these days (?)

I get on a bus, I have topped up 4.50 the day before, so I should have enough, for atleast 4 bus journeys.

The oyster bleeps red, ‘not enough money’.

F*ck this shit, I have just come from a day of abuse at North Middlesex University Hospital, being treated like some kind of inferior child that can be dominated and controlled by doctors who have the power to refuse me my life dependent medicines if I complain about being abused, and make false allegations against you and deform your character, just because, you are, sick and small.

 “I’ve just come from hospital, I only need to go 2-3 stops, please” I beg.

“No”, the bust driver says.

I try to explain to him and show the receipt that I have topped up, so there must be something wrong with the system.

I get on anyway.

The bus driver, decided, instead of just letting a sick woman on for 2 bus stops, to stop the engine and start an argument with me (!) wtf

I did not know tfl paid  him to be a barrister also (?)

WHY the f*ck is he even trying to argue with me (?)

“Call the police”, an asian woman says.

This is just like (all) the female asian doctor(s), who doesn’t even speak English, yet works for the NHS and who decided to call security on me, because she hadn’t given me any insulin for 12 hours  and I developed ketoacidosis (and I had to agree with an A and E doctor, that it is best to go home, for my own safety and in fear of your life, from her subjective and racist bullying).

I am due insulin every 4 hours, you dumb bitch.

“You can call security and get security to FUCK you up the arse yer, cos that is what you need” I scream.

I jump in a cab, tell the driver I have an invisible bank card back at my flat at home, and get a free private escort home (!)

Merry Christmas, and have a happy New Year, sorry, it appears, you don’t celebrate Christmas.

“How would you like it if you were sick and your card didn’t work and you had to walk home in the rain (?)” I say to her, she shrugs her shoulders and gets off the bus.

Several people start getting off the bus.

We wait, for a good, ten minutes.

More people get off the bus, from the top deck this time.

“WOW, what does it take to show some manners in this country”.

“You’re not sick” a man says to me.

“You’re pretending”, he says.

“OH YER’ I scream.

I pull up my sleeve, to show my bone thin arms, and an IV drip and tubes of blood hanging out of my sleeve, and then, stick my middle finger up at the guy.

“Go f*ck yourself”.

The bus finally, decides to put on the engine and run.

“WOW, what does it take to show some manners these days !” I scream (again).

WHY am I the only one screaming again (?)

This is like the time, David Lammy got 81 % of the Labour vote in the general election, and I was the only one in the room, without a calculator, to realise this, and scream.

Everyone hates me for it.

Since this day, every doctor or prick I meet, is trying to prove there is something wrong with me, as I did not have a smart phone to work out the rigged election vote.

‘Don’t challenge the supernatural, unless armed with he sword of truth’, what can I say guys.

A girl in a fleece coat, says, “you’re wrong you know (!)”

“You’re just jealous,” I say.

I just got a free ride (!)

You didn’t (!)



Monster Raving Loony Party (!)

This guy, has never changed a nappy, in his whole life (!)

This guy, and his family, really are, full of shit (!)


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