Woman’s Politics Weekly: Thursday 12th December, 2019

Reporting, Base Camp, Tottenham, London

Thursday 12th December, 2019

WOW, so Theresa May has decided to make a ‘come back’, after finally retiring from the Conservative Party and leadership, and has decided to finally repent for her sins…

By taking a visit to Auschwitz, to learn, finally, what oppression, racism, facism and genocide is all about (?)

Wow, so you’d think Theresa May would finally learn that, The Nazi’s were in fact, a racist, facist, political regime, lead by a racist and facist and mentally confused and troubled leader, just like her -the Nazi’s were not ‘all German’s’, as she suggested which is, in fact, racist of her.

Instead, Theresa May gets so confused (again) however, that she truly believes, the whole country of Germany, and its people, ‘can never forgive what the Germans did’ she remarks, upon her return from her trip to Auschwitz, are responsible for the oppression, genocide and holocaust of 6 million (more) Jews.

The reason the Jews are important here, is because the Jews do represent a yard stick to social democracy gone wrong -as soon as the Jews start to be oppressed and targeted, we know, capitalism, racism and political facism has reached it’s most advanced stage.

Fuck r*cism, this is mass genocide now.

People are being targeted, for having a different shaped nose.

As a matter of fact, most of the Jews and oppressed victims of the Second World War, were German’s, you dumb bitch.

Not to mention other factions of (still now) marginalised and subjugated factions of society.

It only took Britain until about the beginning of World War Two to realise this apparently, they thought Hitler wasn’t too bad compared to Stalin.

Wow, she’s even, so racist, she’s racist against white Europeans now, that’s about the peak of racism, racist against blacks, racists against browns, racists against Jews, and now, racists against Europeans too…

Well done Theresa.

Guess she never could see outside the box.

Meanwhile, Theresa May talks with Jeremy Corbyn on forming a co-alition, have not got well.

And the best ‘come back’ the Labour Party can make, acting in ‘opposition’ to the Conservative Party and the whole ‘Brexit’ campaign, is to threaten the public, with a lack of NHS funding and threats that they will sell the NHS, if you do not vote Labour -which is in fact, now against the law, it has been made policy now that you cannot use the NHS to threaten and manipulate voting.

Wow, so the best the Labour Party can do in this general election is use facist techniques, to threaten the public, which are in fact, against the law…

Not to mention, the Labour Party going against the democratic vote (‘Brexit’) which is, against political and constitutional law.

And Theresa May (see ‘Brexit’ is not about whether you are Labour or Conservative, but about whether you are democratic or not) breaking the Good Friday Peace Agreement in order to prevent Brexit from happening and trying to implicate check points in northern Ireland wtf (?)

-The NHS was again USED, and criticised, by NICKY MORGAN from the LABOUR party, who tried to use this to give the Labour Party ‘some’ political credibility and any objective whatsoever in this general election tomorrow 12th December, 2019, (the same woman, who is such a big International capitalist, she has tried to privatise the public education system and (illegally) pirate the European Baccalaureate education system to forge a British Baccalaureate education system, that puts children in sets of ability and achievement from primary school and denies English as a foreign language pupils, SEN children, and funnily enough a disproportionate number of BAME and children on poorer incomes, the opportunity to even, engage with the same level and access to education, by calculating a mean average of school grades, right from PRIMARY SCHOOL (!) and putting children in designated ability sets. Horrific, most kids are being shuffled into SEN and then, become invisible children and are kicked out of school altogether, encouraged, by Ken Robinson, to ‘home school instead’.

Kind of like the NHS’ new ‘self care is the best care’, ‘home care is the best care’ policy, which doesn’t work.

But it is a much safer option, to avoid, being illegally sectioned and put into care or murdered by the mass genocide going on in the NHS right now…

Thanks Nicky Morgan, the biggest b*tch ever, you make me so NOT want to vote Labour.

She is the biggest PRO ‘REMAINER’ international capitalist, there is, and this is NOT WHAT THE PEOPLE VOTED FOR (REMAIN), THANKS NICKY.



She is also, f*cking dense, aka stupid -she even has a book to prove it -‘Taught not Caught’ LOL, a complete lie, given her educational policy, a department she in fact, no longer works in anymore, she’s that much, of a complete failure.



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